Mitchel Duval

Get to know me.

I am currently assigned to Overland's main base of operations - Rapid 14 in Zambia, Africa. I will serve as a part of the logistics team in the area of workshop, building projects, as well as discipleship of our Zambian staff that work on the base, holding regular bible teachings and devotional times. While logistics will be my main role, I will also hold responsibility in the worship department. This will include leading worship at Rapid 14 and I will play a part in the growth and vision of the worship department.

The nations are hungry for Jesus, and I will stop at nothing to go and tell them. Thank you for investing in this mission, sowing into the kingdom of heaven will never return void.

Cameroon 2024

Why Do We Go?

This summer Mosaic Church is sending a team of individuals in partnership with another local church (Keystone Bible Church) to Cameroon to help support a long-term missionary. We are doing this as we believe as a church that God has called us to take action in the mission of spreading the kingdom of God over all the earth. Even in places where it is hard to go, but especially in areas that have limited or no access to the Gospel.

If you feel inclined to take part in sending our team to Cameroon, you can support them below, just pick the fund Cameroon 2024 on the giving page.